About Us

We are all artists at heart.  Amy has extensive art training and has worked in many different media.  She is a true professional.  Barbara is trained as a scientist (as are Carol and Brian).  She has been sewing for many years (I won’t say how many).  Carol has also been sewing for years, but has lately been working in glass.  She does both glass fusion and stained glass, but likes the flexibility of fused glass and the unique projects that can develop.  Brian has been woodworking for over 25 years (often guided by Carol’s suggestions).  He has worked in sculpting, scrollsaw work, furniture, frames, Lichtenberg burning and more.

Where we will be

Well, we won’t be out at festivals until COVID-19 runs its course, but if you are interested in anything you see on our site, let us know.

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Glass Thimble Creations

3867 W Milano St

Meridian, ID 83646




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